Patience Through Difficulty

13307470_644378264674_4868038915905368514_nBeing back home after spending a year at Bible school definitely has had its challenges. It’s like being submerged into a place that you once fit into and coming to the realization that it’s a lot different. It’s almost like looking at the same world you’ve always known  through a pair of tinted glasses. Anyhow, I’ve been working through some stuff and in the process I went to a service at my church on Sunday. The sermon that was being preached was that of Patience. Specifically patience through difficulty’s. It is so important that we wait on God and trust him through everything. Impatience can actually be seen as distrust in God. When we trust in God we know that He has our entire life in the palm of His hands. We know that everything He does in our life is for a reason and we need to trust Him because of this. He loves us and He will take care of us. We just need to be patient.

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